FE Skala

Photovoltaic power plant on the canopy of a concrete plateau


The goal of the company Skala, d.o.o. is to implement the green transition policy and to invest in measures for energy efficiency and self-sufficiency with electricity from renewable sources, and in turn reduce costs and limit the risk of uncertainty regarding changes (increases) in electricity prices in the future.

FE Skala


The roof of the newly built canopy above the concrete plateau for the temporary storage of grains owned by the Skala company, which is rectangular in shape with dimensions of 45 m x 30 m and is inclined at 2° to the west, proved to be an ideal location for the installation of the power plant. FE Skala with a power of 224.83 kW, which will enable savings of 113.244 t of CO2 per year, is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the Cohesion Fund.

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